Termobatteries used to excess heat and heat distribution systems of water supply facilities. Termobatteries presence can significantly reduce heat loss and energy consumption.


More and more people are completely refusing to use gas heating and switching to solid fuel boilers to heat their own homes. This allows to save a lot of money especially during the heating season when prices are too high, and the house is still cold. Setting your own boiler partially solves the problem because you heat your house personally, but the owners of the boilers already felt that soon after the combustion of fuel, the building becomes noticeably cooler. To keep the house heated there is a need to fill the boiler several times a day or to kindle it to the unbearable heat. This leads to unpleasant frequent temperature changes and the use of large quantities of fuel. The reason for this is the release of large amount of heat that just burns away in the chimney.

The buffer tanks produced by AquaSystems company help to preserve an excess heat and effectively use it in future. A buffer tank for heating system gives a possibility to allocate the heat and maintain the comfort temperature throughout the day. This helps to ensure a timely supply of hot water and make it possible to fill the boiler only once a day in the cold season of the year and every 3 – 4 days in a warm period, which greatly saves your money and fuel.

Continued validity of the boiler and its protection against overheating
 Saves over 20% of fuel
Simplification of care for boiler and firing up only once in 2 days
Keeping a constant and comfortable temperature without sudden changes
Corrosion protection and storage of water purity, thanks to a special coating inside the tank
The ability to choose the desired option
Heating water tank (buffer tank) made of black steel

Buffer tank, made of black steel, is necessary for the preservation and distribution of energy in the heating system only. The main idea of such water tank is to store heat. The water tank is filled up with water and then the water is constantly used. The water becomes “neutral”. Therefore, this tank does not require additional corrosion protection.

Heating water tank (buffer tank) made of stainless steel

Buffer tank, made of stainless steel, is used in heating systems with sanitary water. The heating water tank is filled once and then water is constantly used, the water is “neutral” because of this a tank does not require additional protection against corrosion. buffer tank also prevents the formation of harmful microorganisms in water. If water supply stops the tank can be useful as a storage for hot water.

On the website, you can order a buffer tank, have an advice and assistance in choosing the appropriate model of your tank. You can also leave the application or make a call.

Delivery is organized in Kyiv or in other cities.

  • Material: carbon (stainless) steel S235JR
  • upholstery material: carbon steel Art.  3
  • Insulation: basalt wool (thickness 50 mm)
  • Accessories: Thermometer
The production of buffer tanks:
The tank has a cylindrical shape with the bottom attached below, produced by Turkish company KARTAL BOMBE SANAYI, which has established itself in the market as a reliable manufacturer. Material – carbon steel made by international standards. Some models, due to the presence of several heat exchangers, temperature distribution and location of pipes at different heights, are used with diverse types of heating equipment, such as solar panels, electric or gas fuel boilers, pumps. It is possible to install a separate module for heating tap water. The heat exchanger is mounted at the top or bottom depending on the design. The model depends on the willingness of the customer and features of the system. The tank comes with a thermometer and it is possible to additionaly install a flange revision.
Possible Sizes
Capacity,l d,мм D,мм H,мм H1,мм H2,мм t,мм 1 (Ду-40), inch 2 (Ду-15), inck
350 500 600 1880 1740 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
400 600 700 1670 1530 1250 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
500 600 700 1920 1870 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
600 700 800 1960 1820 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
800 750 850 1980 1840 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
900 800 900 2080 1800 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
1000 850 950 2100 1960 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
1500 1000 1100 2080 1940 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
2150 1200 1300 2200 2030 1500 3 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
3000 1400 1500 2290 2120 1500 4 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
4000 1600 1700 2370 2200 1500 4 1(1/2) 1(1/2)
5000 1600 1700 2790 2620 1500 4 1(1/2) 1(1/2)